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Zach {Southlake, TX senior photographer}

Raindrops hit my windshield as I drove up Bob Jones Rd, but not a drop once I opened up my car door to greet my client who had just parked their car next to me. I quickly walked into the office to pay my photography fee, hoping it would be a fast transaction so I could start my session. Little did I know that when I was approaching the office door there was a copperhead snake lurking nearby. A volunteer noticed it crawling in front of the door once I entered, and of course I acted like a scared child as soon as I saw it, even though I was inside. I had to find another exist so I wouldn’t be near the snake. I warned my client, we were watchful but soon it was all forgotten as we were having lots of laughs and a great session. Toward the end while talking with Zach’s mom, I placed a rustic stool by the barn. As soon as I placed in on the ground, I screamed and ran away. I literally put the stool on top of a small copperhead (didn’t touch it though) that was all curled up!! What are the chances to set the stool down directly on a snake in this large reserve of 760 acres, you have got to be kidding me! The stool legs didn’t touch the snake but when Zach took stool away it lightly grazed the snake yet it still did not move. Not sure if he was dead or just playing dead but it was certainly a day of seeing too many snakes!

Enough with my story of snakes, this was a wonderful session! Zach is a great, great kid…enjoyed photographing him. I also photographed Zach’s older brother a few years ago and feel blessed they chose me as their photographer again, it means a lot to me! It was fun catching up with his mom, and can’t wait for
them to see the gallery!


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